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Yvonne, mom of 3:

"I love, love, love them!!! You did such a fabulous job! Everyone is still sleeping and I want to wake them so I can show them!"

Season, mom of 2:

"I love ALL of them! What a way to start my day! I'm so glad we did these!"

Mike, dad of 2:

"I wanted to THANK YOU for today and working around my schedule. I appreciate your professionalism and especially the way you made it work for the boys. Not my thing at all, but you made it painless and well worth it!"

Susan, mom of 2, surprise session for hubby:

"It was such a joy getting to spend the morning with you. D even asked this morning where you were. Thankfully your name sounds like he is saying Auntie so my hubby had no idea. I wanted to say THANK YOU, I felt like I had known you for years!!!"

Mia & Jacob, parents of 1:

"WOW! First, we wanted to thank you. We were so impressed by your patience! Thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience and making us feel like we were your only priority! Second, they are amazing and we are just so happy with how they turned out. We are going to have difficulty picking out pictures. Finally, thanks again for doing such a great job capturing our little D!"

Jennifer, mom of 3:

"Today was great! Thanks for making our time feel like I was hanging out with a friend."

Judy, mom & grandma to many:

"The photos are amazing. You have a unique ability to capture the essence of each child. I cried as I watched the slideshow. Thank you!"

Denise, mom of 2:

"LOVE, LOVE, the pics I'm definitely going to have to move to a bigger house so I can hang more Andie Kallinger pics on my walls!! You are awesome!"

Jen, mom of 5:

"OH MY GOSH! I am sooooooooooooo in love with the photos. I cannot stand it! Seriously they are BEAUTIFUL! You are amazing.

Trupti, mom of 1:

"Andie, oh, I cannot tell you how beautiful the pictures are! I am so confused - I don't know which one I like best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You captured the love that we have for our daughter perfectly."

Dana, mom of 3:

"I am dying!! They came out AMAZING! I am never going to be able to decide!"

Ruth, mom of 1:

"The pictures are AMAZING! I am putting a link to your website on my class home page and telling all my parents what a nice experience we had!"

Charlotte, mom of twins:

"OMG! You have really done it this time! The photos are fabulous! This is going to be really difficult to figure out which ones to order. Thank you so much for capturing the moment."

Sonya & Jason, now parents of 3, twins belly session:

"WOW - oh my gosh Andie. These are amazing. I just have to say that these are the best pics we have seen of ourselves, and especially of our little guy. Why we didn't do this sooner, I don't know. Jason just said that he was so happy that I made him do this. Gosh, I am speechless and Jason and I are totally teary eyed after looking through those and it takes a lot to get him to cry. I'm a sap, but not Jason. You totally blew us away."